ANRE to work on a Feed in Tariff methodology for projects with installed capacity of up to 0,5 MW (source - Greg Papageorgiadis - Linkedin) . More >


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Promoting PV


Our company is committed to promote renewable energy resources and especially the photovoltaic technology. Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, which converts sunlight directly into electricity, must have priority in any country's clean energy efforts, especially in case of countries with such a generous solar radiation potential as Romania.


The environmental benefits of solar PV abound. Unlike conventional fossil fuel power generation (such as coal, gas and oil), generating electricity with solar PV involves no moving parts, uses no water, and generates electricity without emitting climate-warming greenhouse gases or other pollutants. Zettsolar ensures that solar PV projects are sited in a way that best protects human health and the environment, and minimizes impacts on scenic, natural, and historic resources.


2/6 GCs postponed for PV


Romanian government adopted on 04/06/2013 the EGO which is postponing 2 out of 6 GCs for photovoltaic starting 01.07.2013 until 31.03.2017


There are as well several other limitations introduced some with an inpredictable impact on the market:

  • the licensing of new generator units will be limited, on yearly bases, to the targets set by PNAER (National Action Plan for Renewable Energy)
  • ANRE must monitor on quarterly bases each E-RES technology and make sure that it is not overcompensated
  • ANRE must set annual targets for the maximal renawable energy accepted by the grid



Current Legislation in a nutshell


Temporary reduction of the number of green certificates (GCs) granted to certain technologies - very good digest by Nuno Costa Alemao on Linkedin


Starting with 1 July 2013, the issuance of the full number of GCs/MWh will be temporary deferred for certain technologies, as follows:

(i)new HPPs (below or of 10 MW): 1 GC deferred;

(ii)wind: 1 GC deferred;

(iii)solar: 2 GCs deferred.